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Which famous writers started out self-publishing?

Just as the title asks. I am curious about which now famous writers started out by self publishing their work. Off the top of my head I know of Matthew Reilly. Any others?

Asked by: Jonathan Cole

  1. Ritesh Nimmagadda on May 5, 2013

    Christopher Paolini, he's now sold more than 33 million copies of his books.

  2. . . on May 5, 2013

    E.L James with "Fifty Shades of Grey"

  3. Damien Isaak on May 5, 2013

    Not many I would guess. would like to see a list or two.

  4. Dor Armitage on May 6, 2013

    E.L. James was not self-published (as she was keen to point out to a convention panel recently) - her fanfiction Masters of the Universe was published as 50 Shades by the Writer's Coffee Shop, an Australian publisher.

    Most of the ones I can think of are American: Amanda Hocking, Tracey Garvis-Graves (who didn't seem to make much of an impact in the UK but has had tremendous success in the US), Cora Carmack, Hugh Howey.

    Pre-Kindle, Stephen Clarke (The "Year in the Merde" books) self-published and became a word of mouth hit in Paris. Brunonia Barry's The Lace Reader was self-published, became a local hit and was picked up by Harper Collins.


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