A few weeks ago, the CompletelyNovel team received an email from Writers’ & Artists’ introducing us to the launch of the self-publishing comparison service. Our immediate response was to celebrate with a big wedge of cake. There are an increasing number of options available for those wanting to self-publish, and Writers & Artists have provided a place for authors to go to get sound advice, and help choose the option that is right for them.

How it works

The comparison service takes you through a series of questions and then lists the publishing providers that offer the options you chose – a little like comparing car insurance quotes, but far less depressing and without the meerkat. You can then select the publishers that match your requirements and ask for a personalised quote from them.

If you select CompletelyNovel, we receive an email with all the specifications that you just chose. From this information, we might see that you would like your 50,000 word manuscript printed on demand in paperback. Wonderful!

We’ll then drop you a line to introduce ourselves and explain a little more about how our particular business model might work for you. We focus on giving authors lots of tools and advice to enable them to set up their book. Our service is free or, if you want your book to be sold through other retailers, you can choose a monthly subscription (from £7.99). This means that for us, having the opportunity to find out more about the author’s needs and goals from the get-go is really helpful.

Why it works

Every author and every book is unique, and this means that it’s really important that authors think about what is right for their situation. Having choices presented in a straightforward way will be invaluable to many writers. The Writers’ & Artists’ self-publishing site is also packed full of well-researched articles, interviews and advice from authors and industry experts. We know that our community of authors will particularly appreciate more advice on what it takes to be successful, and we expect to see plenty of discussions forming around crucial topics such as marketing. After all, self-publishing is a business, and authors need to equip themselves with the knowledge of how to run it.

So, we look forward to receiving more emails that bring with them opportunities to chat to new authors, the chance to read new stories and to celebrate with more cake.

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