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Professional Publishing Services

Professional Publishing Services UK (PPS) is a branch of RHE Media Limited. Our key selling points are: 

  • We offer Professional Publishing Services, from proposal to promotion, provided by experienced professional publishers; 
  • PPS provides consultancy service and acts as a mentor on writing a book proposal for submission to a publisher, typescript assessment and feedback, independent advice on publisher contracts and typescript development – objective and constructive advice as you write your book. 
  • My Book My Way – PPS provides a personal and friendly production service that is customised to meet your unique requirements. You tell us about the book you want to publish and how you want to publish it, and we will help you produce a high quality product and fulfil your writing ambitions. 
  • With PPS, you are the publisher and you receive 100% of the revenue from sales of your book – we provide true self-publishing services because we don’t take a percentage of your revenue or act as your publisher.