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One of Britain's leading publishers of high-quality, self-published books. Originally called Lazy Summer Books, @YouCaxton have been producing or helping with the production of prize-winning books since 1985. @YouCaxton are unique in employing a team of professional writers at the heart of a professional editorial and publication service.

Clients are guided through the publishing process by expert advisers, using a sophisticated on-line system for project management, sales-monitoring and accounts. @YouCaxton make full use of the latest print, e-book and on-line publishing technologies.

  1. Manuscript review, an opportunity for evaluation and constructive feedback
  2. Structural report, copy editing and proof reading
  3. On-line sales reporting and project management
  4. Cover design
  5. Interior design and layout
  6. ISBN and Nielsen database registration
  7. E-book formatting, publication and Kindle account set-up
  8. Bound proof
  9. Printing to any specification
  10. Print-on-demand and traditional publishing
  11. Online distribution through Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble and other retail websites
  12. General distribution
  13. Marketing and PR service