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The Calling Card Script

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A writer's toolbox for screen, stage and radio

Used a toolbox to aid the craftsman, The Writer's Toolkit shows how to write the `calling card' script that expresses your voice, gets you noticed, and is ultimately produced. Written by the Development Manager of the BBC's writersoom, this is a professional and practical guide to writing for screen, stage and radio.
Paul Ashton
Published Date
8 April 2011


The calling card script is the script that expresses your voice, gets you noticed and helps you reach commission and production. Written by Paul Ashton, Development Manager of the BBC writersroom, and born out of his wide experience of reading scripts, working with writers, and as an industry ‘gatekeeper', this is a guide to the key writing tools you need to know and understand to write a truly original script.

As many professionals need to switch mediums and genres in order to survive and thrive, the book uniquely draws together the universal principles of dramatic storytelling for screen, stage, and radio. With a focus on the script as a blue print for performance, sections and chapters break down into bite-sized practical insights and the book mirrors both the journey of the story and process of writing it.

The Calling Card Script shows how to tell a great story in script form and offers valuable professional development insight for all writers, whether established or just starting out, who wish to hone their craft and speak their voice.