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Writers' & Artists' Guide to How to Write

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This book tells you how to write novels and narrative non-fiction for publication. It teaches the core skills of story-telling: story, character, prose style, and a whole host of attendant tools that you'll need in order to be successful and to please your agent, publisher and audience.
Harry Bingham
Published Date
24 May 2012
210 x 148mm
£14.44 - £2.55 off, was £16.99


This book is all about writing for publication. How to plan, create and edit work that will sell. How to write a book that you'll be proud of- and which might yet launch you on a new career.

Crammed with examples (positive and negative) from successful authors, this essential guide is for writers of every genre: fiction and narrative non-fiction, literary and commercial, adults and children. This guide tells you how to:

- Understand your market
- Plan your novel or memoir
- Develop strong, empathetic characters
- Structure and maintain a compelling plot
- Ensure that your prose style is strong enough to carry your story
- Polish your work until it shines