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Writers' & Artists' Guide to How to Hook an Agent

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Q&A help and advice for authors hoping to gain the representation of a literary agent.
James Rennoldson
Published Date
19 March 2020
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If you're beginning to think about submitting your book to prospective literary agents, the Writers' & Artists' Guide to How to Hook an Agent provides answers to all of the questions you're about to ask.

Structured around questions genuinely posed by writers readying their submissions at Writers' & Artists' successful 'How to Hook an Agent' events, the lively and accessible Q&A format of this guide provides everything an unpublished writer needs to know about how to seek the representation of a literary agent. Full of practical detail and examples of good and bad practice, it covers:

· Responses to over 180 questions asked by writers seeking representation
· How to research and approach an agent
· The key ingredients of a submission
· How to draft a successful covering letter
· What to expect when working with an agent
· The agent-publisher relationship
· Contracts, rights and royalties

This unique guide is suitable for writers of fiction and non-fiction and writing across different genres and age ranges.