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Feel the fear and blog anyway

Having your own blog must be one of the easiest ways to reach an audience.  Yet for every aspiring writer who is already blogging, there are those who shudder at the thought. And I do empathise with these writers... blogging was new to me until a few months ago, but I made a start, broadened my blogging horizons, got over the fact that other people (with eyes) would be reading what I'd written, and now I'm bitten by the blog!

Because of this, I feel better placed to encourage other writers to do it, to take their own blog of faith and blog on regardless. (Ok, enough of the blog puns. They've been done to death and aren't funny any more.)

And you know what, writing can be a lonely life, with only your cat and your four walls for company. If that's the case, blogging can remedy things: it's a way into the real world, a way to reach a huge audience that aspiring writers of days gone by would never had had access to. It's there to be used.

If you're a newcomer to blogging, there is heaps of advice on getting started (the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook carries several excellent articles in fact), so don't let the techie side of things hold you back.

View your blog as an opportunity to own your slice of cyberspace, with which you can do whatever you choose. Forget feeling shy - you're a writer - your main aim is for other people to read your work. The internet is the ultimate bookshop.

Writing a blog means you can see yourself published in minutes - it's free, easy, it's fun (it is!), and has huge creative potential. Look at other successful blogs for inspiration - many professional writers have excellent blogs such as Neil Gaiman, Will Self and George Szirtes.

The blogging writer is carving out a profile for themselves and is often better placed to prove to publishers that there is an audience for their work.

So take a punt on blogging. If you have something interesting to say, people will read it. If you consider yourself to be a natural born writer, what have you got to lose?

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