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Writing Crime/Thriller

This section contains articles, advice and tips on writing and publishing crime/thriller fiction.

Can You Teach Great Crime?

The last of M R Hall’s blog series for Writers & Artists, sees him both explore what an aspiring writer can learn from the seasoned novelist and – perhaps more surprisingly – vice versa.

At the start of February, and after a few shout-outs on Twitter, my fellow Macmillan author …

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How To Create A Heroine For Our Time

Before I even started writing my first murder mystery novel, I knew I wanted a strong woman as my heroine. I was sick of female victims suffering and femmes fatales seducing. I wanted a modern woman solving crimes. 

I decided to make my heroine a Hungarian cleaner in London who turns detective …

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How To Write A Page-Turner

Bestselling crime writer Kerry Wilkinson tells us how he creates a plot that keeps readers hooked until the very last page - and gives his tips for how you can do it too.

When I was six years old, I had my first experience of self-publishing. I was in Mrs Cooper's class at St John's Primary school …

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How To Write Great Crime

This is the first in a series of three blogs by crime and screenwriter M. R. Hall. In this post, he poses questions that help guide your writing and then reveals how finding his righteous anger helped spur him on to finish his novel - and how finding yours can help you, too.

When I took my first …

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Plotting in a Thriller Sub-Genre

Story, story, story. That was the best advice I was given about writing thrillers and, for me, that’s the legal variety. 

Like me, many sub-genre thriller writers draw on their past lives – police, doctors, psychologists and politicians, to name but a few. We’ve all had the advice - write …

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So You Want To Write A Thriller?

Crime writing advice

So you want to write a thriller – a psychological thriller, a crime thriller, a paranormal thriller, a romantic thriller – any kind of thriller at all, as long as it intrigues readers, entertains them, and glues them to the page. 

You could opt for shock as a device to grab readers’ …

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The Secret To Crime Writing

This is the second installment in a series of three blogs by crime and screenwriter M. R. Hall. Here, he discusses the key principles he goes by when beginning to construct his crime novels.

In my last post for Writers & Artists I set out one of the key principles I use when constructing crime …

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William Ryan

Some crime writers deny there are any underlying themes in their novels. They say it’s all about the story and the characters and that theme is an unnecessary affectation. Nonetheless many successful crime novels features an easily identifiable theme - and many successful crime writers set out …

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Tips For Writing A Psychological Thriller

Rules in creative writing are few and far between. But when it comes to psychological thrillers, I have three simple, but hard won, tips to help smooth your path.


Tip #1: Embrace your manipulative side

In person, I am a terrible storyteller: I inevitably start any potentially exciting anecdote by …

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Writing A Thriller Within Four Walls

1.  What's the idea behind your debut novel, One More Chance?

The story is about Dani, resident of HMP Holloway and mum to Bethany, her toddler daughter who’s been taken into care. Dani gets a mysterious new cellmate who offers her a chance to see her child again, but it’s not clear if she …

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