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Writing poetry

This section contains advice and tips on writing poetry and getting your work noticed by a publisher.

Approaching a poetry publisher

Roddy Lumsden outlines the route to getting a volume of poetry published and advises poets on when and how to approach a publisher.

If you follow the perils and pleasures of British poetry via the newspapers, you are excused for thinking things are in a bad way. The media rarely misses …

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Four Steps to Penning a Poem

Reading as a Poet

To write effective poems you have to listen to your feelings but also learn your craft. You do that by reading-as-a poet: observing how well-made poems, written in today’s language, get their effects. But good poems today are more various than ever before, so where do you find …

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The Value of Poetry in Today's Society

Poetry is intensely valuable to me and it always has been. It is my antidote to despair, tiredness and loneliness; a thread that runs through my life. I solve problems with its lines—not just their lexicon, but the life breathed into form by rhythm, rhyme or meter: a riddle; a moment of joy. It …

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