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Writing poetry

This section contains advice and tips on writing poetry and getting your work noticed by a publisher.

Approaching A Poetry Publisher

Roddy Lumsden outlines the route to getting a volume of poetry published and advises poets on when and how to approach a publisher.

If you follow the perils and pleasures of British poetry via the newspapers, you are excused for thinking things are in a bad way. The media rarely misses …

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Four Steps to Penning a Poem

Reading as a Poet

To write effective poems you have to listen to your feelings but also learn your craft. You do that by reading-as-a poet: observing how well-made poems, written in today’s language, get their effects. But good poems today are more various than ever before, so where do you find …

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Permission to Go Straight Ahead and Follow Diversions

Four years ago  I wrote here about where I get permission to take risks in my short stories. Since then, much has changed. This year sees the publication not just of my third short story collection, but also my first poetry collection. POETRY. When we last met, I was not a poet. Don’t …

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Poems for the Page and On Stage

Raymond Antrobus celebrates poetry on the page and in performance, a passion he shares with fellow poet Anthony Anaxagorou. Here he records their views on writing and reading poetry in private and in public spaces to offer comfort, particularly in times of change...

While London was in lockdown, I …

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The Value of Poetry in Today's Society

Poetry is intensely valuable to me and it always has been. It is my antidote to despair, tiredness and loneliness; a thread that runs through my life. I solve problems with its lines—not just their lexicon, but the life breathed into form by rhythm, rhyme or meter: a riddle; a moment of joy. It …

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