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Rejection and starting over

There are few writers who don't have to face rejection at some point in their careers - it doesn't mean that you should give up. Use these articles to help you dust yourself off, and try again.

How do you handle rejection?

Many successful authors have rejection letters hidden away in the back of a drawer. I like Stephen King’s attitude – he staked his letters to the wall behind his desk, a gesture which is at once both practical and appropriate for his genre. But whatever you do with yours, first smooth them …

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How to deal with rejection letters

Behind every published author is someone who’s had to deal with rejection. But how do you get over it? Guest blogger novelist Emma Bowd shares her experiences of dealing with the dreaded ‘no thank you’ letters.

As a published author, I can have the luxury of saying that rejection letters …

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How trying to get a book published feels

Trying to get a book published is like:

  • Attempting to get your child into an over-subscribed school. You worry and find yourself wondering what are the odds on success; how can you best improve their chances; what are other people up to? And the answer for some is pretty desperate, like …

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Keep Going in Your Search

Remember that agents are individuals, and perhaps more individualistic than the key protagonists in many other professions. Just as many are instantly recognisable, so they also have very individual tastes. It follows that what does not appeal to one, may well appeal to another.

‘There are …

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Learning from Rejection

Jonathan Eyers

We can all smirk at the irony of rejection letters that have followed the classics they were rejecting into posterity. F Scott Fitzgerald was told he might have a decent novel if only he got rid of “that Gatsby character”. Dr Seuss was rejected for being “too silly”. William Golding’s

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Rejection can be swift

The hardest thing for a writer to cope with is rejection. We all pour so much of ourselves into our writing; we invest it with so many of our hopes, that it’s impossible not to take rejection as a personal blow.

So, what should you do? Partly it depends on the form of the rejection. If …

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Rejection, representation and deadlines

My foray into being a published novelist began as many do – with a rejection. It was the summer of 2010, and the assistant of a literary agent contacted me about a short story of mine that had recently appeared in a journal. The agent was interested in seeing more of my work, the assistant wrote. …

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The Freedom of Being Published

When I wrote my first novel, 23 years ago, I had a freedom that comes a novelist’s way but once – the freedom of being a hitherto unpublished author, the freedom of being a writer untainted by success. And it is a joy. The novice can plunge in and apply any rules, tricks, tweaks and …

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