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One of the most significant criticisms of self-published books is poor editing. Don't put your readers off with typos and plot holes that could be easily avoided - here, we explore why editing is so important and how to determine what kind of editing your book needs.

Doing It Better: Editing Your Book


'But my grammar is excellent,' protested a man in the audience at a recent conference on self-publishing. 'And my wife proof-reads my books,' he went on. 'So explain to me why I should hire an editor.'

OK. Deep breath. Here's the thing. Editing is about so much more than just grammar and typos.

You …

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The role of an editor

Book editors face the difficulty that if well done, their job is absolutely invisible; the author’s meaning shines through and the reader is never exposed to the stylistic problems that got in the way in the original manuscript.

The standard of editing in books published today is a subject …

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What To Look Out For When You're Looking For An Editor

What to look for when you're looking for an editor

“THE END,” you write. Feeling victorious, and maybe a little smug, you lean back in your chair and give a gratified sigh. Your novel is complete.

Almost. Or, more accurately, almost-­almost-­almost.

A manuscript is like a raw diamond, its value buried deep at its core. You’ve done the hard …

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Which editorial services does your manuscript need?

Our editor Cressida Downing talks you through the different editorial services self-publishing providers may offer - and gives her advice on how you can tell which service is best for your manuscript.

A piece of advice you’ll see time and again when considering self-publishing, is to get some …

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