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The Practicalities

From creating an e-book file of your manuscripts to distributing it all over the world, this set of articles explains the practical side of self-publishing; getting your novel in the right place and into a reader-friendly format. 

Doing It Better: Publishing Your Book

Self-publishing advice

Writers are observant people - right? That's why we write good books, because we notice the little things like the shopkeeper's nicotine-stained fingers, or the puff of white smoke on the horizon.

Well, this is a fortunate trait when it comes to getting your book on the shelves, because frankly, the …

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How to make your eBook text file into a print-on-demand edition

In this article, author, editor and writing blogger Roz Morris gives her essential advice on design and formatting - a must-read for any writers hoping to turn their ebook into a beautiful, professional-looking printed novel.

While making an ebook is pretty straightforward, putting it into print is …

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Multiple-format Publishing

Hamelin's Child

So you want to publish an ebook? You’ve written it, rewritten it, put in in a drawer (aka folder on your computer) and forgotten about it for a few weeks/months – while you start writing a new book. You’ve taken it out, re-read it, edited it again, engaged beta-readers and/or paid for a …

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My e-Book Epiphany

Click To Kill by John Carlo

Frank self-publishing advice from author John Carlo, whose research into e-book sales inspired him to self-publish his techno-thriller... 

I’ve been trying for many years to get published. I’ve submitted to agents in my genre (techno-thriller), cold-mailed manuscripts to publishers, …

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The Indie Author Guide to Audiobooks

While most indie authors are intimately familiar with ebook publishing, there’s another publishing trend on the horizon that’s quickly taking hold: the self-produced indie audiobook. 

Although it's true that audiobooks only comprise a small percentage of overall publishing sales, they are …

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