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Editing Services: Bespoke Mentoring

Receive expert guidance from a professional editor. Email us at or call on +44 (0)207 631 5985 for further details and pricing information.


Receive expert guidance on writing a book from a highly experienced editor. Whether you're in the throes of working through your first draft or looking to hone your manuscript before taking the plunge and sending it out to literary agents, our Bespoke Mentoring editing service is all about your book and you setting the agenda. Proofreading, copyediting and developmental editing options are all available across 3, 6 or 12-month programs, with reading lists and editorial reports coming alongside a number of face-to-face meetings with your mentor. Editors working with Writers & Artists


'As someone with no previous creative writing background and unpublished in novel writing, Kylie has been incredibly helpful and I have learnt a lot about the mechanics of fiction writing in such a short period.' Augustine Marrah (Freetown, Sierra Leone)

'Useful - very detailed and thought provoking.' Teresa Viarengo

'I was offered a course in line with my needs ... we agreed on a course format in matter of days and its' quality went beyond my expectations ... My writing has improved massively, and would definitely recommend this service to all!' Aurora

'Not only helped me to structure my first novel, but inspired my confidence no end.' Justine Robinson

'I was most impressed by Cressida’s ability to swiftly grasp what the plot and characters needed ... she treated me like an authentic novelist and gave validation to my writing.' Elizabeth Chettur

'I thought the reports exemplary in their insight and helpfulness. I found the sharpness and constructiveness of her formal or aesthetic sense remarkable, and particularly helpful.' Matt Jordan

'Susan edited my manuscript precisely and with love. I fully trusted her with my characters and their story because I knew she cared about them just as much as I did. Thank you Susan for pulling my manuscript towards promise.' Helen Hudson

What You Need To Submit

All you need do is to follow the apply link, fill in the Writer’s Form application and upload the following files when asked:

  • A 2-page synopsis
  • A sample of your manuscript, 3 chapters or up to 10,000 words

Please make sure the pages are numbered (and named, where appropriate) and use a standard typeface such as Times New Roman in 12pt and double-spaced. The accepted file types are: .doc .docx .rtf .pdf


Typical prices for Bespoke Mentoring programs with Writers & Artists are:

  • 3 months mentoring, up to 30,000 words: £1500*
  • 3 months mentoring, up to 60,000 words: £1580*
  • 6 months mentoring, up to 30,000 words: £1650*
  • 6 months mentoring, up to 60,000 words: £2000*
  • 12 months mentoring, up to 30,000 words: £2200*
  • 12 months mentoring, up to 60,000 words: £2650*

If you would like a mentor to work with you on more than 60,000 words there will be a charge of £17 per 1,000 words*

*All prices are inclusive of VAT

To work out a payment plan and to discuss start dates and your course agenda, please email us at or call on +44 (0)207 631 5985.

Not Sure?

If you're not sure you're ready to commit to a Bespoke Mentoring program, why not speak to one of our editors in person about your book? Discuss a two-page synopsis and the first 2,000 words of your manuscript in an initial hour-long consultation for just £200.

To organise a date and time for your consultation please email us at or call on +44 (0)207 631 5985.