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Editorial service: How Strong Is Your Book Idea?

An editorial service in which both a literary agent and editor evaluate your book idea. Each will provide honest and constructive advice on whether your idea is strong enough to appeal to a publisher or agent, and where it fits within the current market.


If you're an ambitious author in the beginnings of developing an exciting new idea into a full-length manuscript, How Strong Is Your Book Idea? is the perfect editorial service for you. Writers & Artists have assembled a panel of experts with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the publishing industry to help you understand (and embrace!) the challenges you must overcome to convert your spark of inspiration into a compelling book.

An editor and literary agent will review your work and provide an honest appraisal of the strength of your idea, the direction you are taking and its commercial viability. Together, they will set you specific, well-defined goals and a solid path to follow to help improve your chances of publishing success.

If you have notebooks packed with story ideas and would like advice on those first steps into a brave new writing world, How Strong Is Your Book Idea? is for you.

Features & benefits


  • Two experts (editor and literary agent) with relevant experience of your genre will evaluate your idea.
  • You will receive a two-page report of approximately 1,000 words.
  • Recommendations on how to take your novel idea forward.


  • A report which tells you how good your book idea is and whether it is marketable or not.
  • An early critique on your idea which will help you direct your energies.
  • Honest appraisal that can save wasted investment in an idea without commercial merit.
  • Confidence and motivation to continue with the project (or time-saving advice to explore fresh possibilities). Quick feedback€“ within 14 days of submission.

Who will review your idea?

An editor and literary agent will be assigned to your work.Once you have provided us with key information about your work, such as genre and target audience, we allocate two experts with appropriate skill-sets.

The editor will examine the idea from an editorial perspective.

They will have experience of the proposed genre, as the style required for literary fiction differs markedly from, say, a business title. Their deep understanding of the ways in which writers work is complemented by an innate feel for the challenges of turning a concept into a publishable book.

To take a look at a profile of the editors currently working on our How Strong Is Your Book Idea? service, click here

The literary agent will assess your project for commercial viability.

Using their know-how of what sells through which channels, they will form a view about your best chances of launching a successful book, who might stock it and how it could be marketed.

What you need to submit

We have devised a submission process that is simple yet effective. All you need to do is to follow the apply link, fill in the application form and upload the following files when asked:

  • A 1-2 page synopsis (download the template). Please provide as much information as possible.
  • Your first chapter (which must be no longer than 5,000 words)

Please make sure the pages are numbered (and named, where appropriate) and use a standard typeface such as Times New Roman in 12pt and double-spaced. The accepted file types are .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .pdf.

How it works

After application and payment, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

An editor and literary agent will be assigned to your work. They will both review your work independently and then share findings to draw together a conclusion.

They will send you their report (two pages in length; size 12 font) to review within 14 days of purchase. The report covers:

  • An evaluation of your book idea.
  • An honest appraisal of the commercial viability of the book.
  • A recommendation on how to take your book idea forward including possible areas to expand or develop and where to focus.

Please note that all the information about the purchased service and its status will be in the My Services section on your dashboard, which can be accessed after logging in.


“From an agent’s point of view, your submission should be pitched very much as science-fiction… This does not feel like a cross-over novel - the science is very much at the fore of the story, and that means its strongest appeal will be to the science-fiction market.”

A section from a report written by literary agent Lucy Luck 

“Why does Andrei want them to take his ashes around the country?  Are there specific rifts and relationships he wants them to repair? ...The synopsis doesn’t reveal the full extent of what’s going on.  Remember a synopsis is a tool, and needs to explore all the twists and turns – an editor will be relying on it to get a clear sense of how your book develops.”

A section from a report written by editor Cressida Downing  

“It's a well-written and convincing opening chapter. We get a strong sense of Anna's life and despite being told that she has violent, anti-social urges, find her unenviable existence sympathetic. You end the chapter with an intriguing cliffhanger.  If the excerpt were backed up with more engaged personal detail and a more detailed synopsis it would be a stronger package.”

A section from a report written by literary agent Charles Brotherstone  

“I like the way you have dived straight into the story, giving insight into the main characters, setting up a chilly atmosphere… Many writers have explored the ‘no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors’ story, the horrors that lay within four walls, and it is always effective and chilling when those doors and walls outwardly reek of perfection. Just be careful not to slip into cliché…though I suspect, from what I have read so far, you haven’t done that.”

A section from a report written by editor Susan Harrison  


"This was fantastic feedback and exactly what I needed. The problems I knew I had were highlighted, and a few points I wasn't sure about were explained... my work is still in the first draft stage, having the book's idea described with words such as strong and cracking is an incredible boost. I cannot thank you enough." Lin Churchill

"The service was very informative and helpful with constructive criticism" Jack Carey

"Very useful and constructive." Rachael Woods

"The report gave me invaluable feedback on what I need to work on to strengthen the idea" Andrea Barker  

"€œI would recommend this service as it's coming from "people in the know" who are going to tell it like it is" Nikki Robinson

Booking & Payment

  • The price for the service is only £119.99*, which will be taken at the time you book.
  • Please note that we cannot accept submissions which do not comply with our criteria.
  • If you would like further information, call the Writers & Artists team on 0207 631 5993.

*This price is inclusive of VAT