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Editorial service: Full Manuscript Review

A line-by-line edit from a professional proof reader/copyeditor addressing issues of consistency, grammar and spelling, and clarity.


For every writer, it’s a profound moment when you complete a book. You may put it in a (frequently metaphorical) drawer immediately or, perhaps, start to share it among friends and family. But if your cherished work is to win as many readers as possible, it has to be scrupulously prepared.

This is why Writers & Artists have devised the Full Manuscript Review service. A highly experienced copy-editor or proofreader will scrutinise your  book line-by-line. All the basics will be addressed. Punctuation, grammar and spelling checked and corrected. More fundamentally, errors and inconsistencies will be identified so that you are able to rectify them before progressing further.

The Review Editor will edit 50% of your manuscript in line-by-line detail. They will provide you with additional guidance to show how their detailed edit can be adopted by you across the whole of your manuscript to make it into a consistently edited work.

This service will be particularly valuable to self-publishers but, for those pursuing traditional publication, the chances for a favourable response to your submissions will certainly be enhanced by a highly-polished manuscript.

Features & Benefits of our Author Services


  • Correction of poor grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • Addressing of chapter lengths - and book length generally.
  • Tackling of inconsistencies, repetition and writer blind spots.
  • How-to advice and detailed mark-up which you can learn from and adopt for the whole of your manuscript.
  • Follow-up phone call of up to 30 minutes.


  • A professional read-through and thorough edit of 50% of your text before submitting to an agent.
  • Confidence in your manuscript’s high standards for submission.
  • A guarantee of fundamental standards should you opt to self-publish.
  • Detailed examination by experienced editor/proofreader.
  • A sample ‘clean’ manuscript, purged of errors and inconsistencies.
  • All comments and suggestions marked-up on original manuscript.
  • More pride when sharing your book privately.

Take our test - before you commit

If you are uncertain which of the Writers & Artists services is most suitable for you and your book, simply use this checklist to confirm whether the Mid-way or Full Manuscript Review is more appropriate.

As you progressed through your manuscript, have you gone over everything and reconsidered or changed:

Pace? Yes/No
Character development? Yes/No
Tone? Yes/No
Point of view? Yes/No
Your central theme or themes? Yes/No
Re-plotting your novel? Yes/No

If the answer to two or more of these questions is ‘No’, then we would suggest that you look at our Mid-way Review, as this indicates that you are not ready for Final Manuscript Review.

Who will review your draft?

At Writers & Artists, we are very aware of the differences in the appearance and rules for the various genres of book so we deploy editors and proofreaders with established track-records in your chosen genre. They are expert at rapid immersion in a text and focusing on the nitty-gritty of language and style.

To look at a profile of the editors currently working on our Full Manuscript Review service, click here.

What you need to submit

All you need do is to follow the apply link, fill in the application form and upload the following files when asked:

  • A two-page synopsis.
  • 60,000+ words.

Please make sure the pages are numbered (and named, where appropriate) and use a standard typeface such as Times New Roman in 12pt and double-spaced. The accepted file types are .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .pdf.

How it works

After application and payment a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. An Editor will be assigned to your work and he/she will send you:

  • A line-by-line edit of 50% of your MS addressing issues of consistency, grammar, spelling and clarity.
  • Two versions will be sent out to you. The first will be annotated with track changes visible and the other will have all the suggested changes made.

Please note that all the information about the purchased service and its status will be in the “My services” section on your dashboard, which can be accessed after logging in.

Booking & Payment


60,000-79,999 words: £680 (a maximum of 40,000 words will be line-by-line edited)*

80,000-99,999 words: £850 (a maximum of 50,000 words will be line-by-line edited)*

100,000-120,000 words: £1020 (a maximum of 60,000 words will be line-by-line edited)*

If your manuscript is longer than 120,000 words you will be charged £17 for every extra 1,000 words*

*These prices are inclusive of VAT

 The cost of the service will be taken at the time you book.

Please note that we cannot accept submissions which do not comply with our criteria. You must ensure that you have filled in the Writers’ Form and submitted a synopsis. If you supply more than the stated range of words for the price you have paid, we will still only be able to review the number of words entitled for the stated price.