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Stage 1

For writers who are just starting out and are seeking orientation and direction.

Being a writer takes great passion, energy and patience and at no point is this truer than in those first daunting steps. The services offered at this stage offer reassurance and guidance, as you embark on your writing career, and will answer the following; is my idea a good one? What do I need to work on? How can I hone my craft?

Services Available

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    How Strong is Your Book Idea?


    An editorial service in which both a literary agent and editor evaluate your book idea. Each will provide honest and constructive advice on whether your idea is strong enough to appeal to a publisher or agent, and where it fits within the current market. Read more

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    First Draft Review

    £180 – £360

    This editorial service afford writers the opportunity to have an early draft of their book assessed by an editor, who will offer advice on style and guidance on how to move forward. Read more