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'Write with...' - Week Two: Research


This week we are looking at research. It is a difficult one to get right and every writer will no doubt have a different approach to it. When I was writing my debut I didn't have a deadline with an agent or an editor, I didn't have to complete the book by a certain date at all and so the amount of research I did was enormous and I just kept going. If I was being honest, sometimes it was safer to pick up a book and read than it was to tackle the mammoth project that was 'My First Book', so I spent weeks researching. Weeks. It was fabulous, it allowed me to include details I wouldn't have known about and sparked ideas BUT a lot of it ended up getting in the way of me writing the actual story. I got so bogged down in my beautiful description of some rare artefact I looked up that I forgot the point of a commercial book - to keep the reader interested. And this is what I address here - ask yourself this.... Do you really need to stop your writing to go and look up a fact or can you continue and look it up later? What do you NEED to research? Have a think about that and lots of luck.

Cesca x

After studying History at Bristol University, Cesca went on to work as a TV Presenter for four years on various pre-recorded and live shows. She taught History for seven years and became a Housemistress at a Secondary boarding School in Berkshire.

Since winning a writing competition for the best opening paragraph to a novel, Cesca has won or been placed in prestigious short story competitions for: Women and Home, Wells Festival of Literature, Grace Dieu and has also had short stories published in the Sentinel Champion and Sunday People Magazine.

She has written regular reviews and features for the popular women’s fiction website Novelicious and now films weekly vlogs to help wannabe writers for She lives in Bradfield with her husband and their brood of ex-battery chickens.

The Silent Hours is her first novel.