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'Write with...' - Week Five: Character Aims

I wrote a book once which was lovely. It had a great setting, some interesting characters and snappy dialogue. The trouble was - nothing much happened. My characters weren't really driven by anything and therefore the desire to turn the page wasn't really there. Hence why the book is still in a drawer somewhere. This week I have been trying to give my central character a purpose. If I know what she wants then of course I can hopefully start writing lots of nice, juicy conflict to stop her getting it (more of that another week!). If I don't know what she wants then she is in danger of just floating around my book for ages before I panic and try to force a goal onto her! So I'm thinking about her aim and seeing what she might do to get herself there. What do you do to ensure your characters have motivation to act?

Cesca x

After studying History at Bristol University, Cesca went on to work as a TV Presenter for four years on various pre-recorded and live shows. She taught History for seven years and became a Housemistress at a Secondary boarding School in Berkshire.

Since winning a writing competition for the best opening paragraph to a novel, Cesca has won or been placed in prestigious short story competitions for: Women and Home, Wells Festival of Literature, Grace Dieu and has also had short stories published in the Sentinel Champion and Sunday People Magazine.

She has written regular reviews and features for the popular women’s fiction website Novelicious and now films weekly vlogs to help wannabe writers for She lives in Bradfield with her husband and their brood of ex-battery chickens.

The Silent Hours is her first novel.