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Our Yearbook has long been the authoritative resource for writers and artists looking for practical guidance about how to get in touch with the publishing industry, and also for essential insight into the creative and publishing process.

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First published in 1906, by Adam & Charles Black, the original Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook was an 80-page booklet, costing one shilling, and gave details of seven literary agents and 89 publishers. Articles offering advice on the writing and publishing process first appeared in the 1914 edition, and from this year onwards the Yearbook has been published. The development of publishing as an industry also meant the Yearbook had to expand in order to include information for illustrators, as well as to adapt to the changing digital landscape and the rise of self-publishing.

A&C Black became part of Bloomsbury Publishing in 2000 and Bloomsbury now publishes the entire collection of Writers & Artists titles and companion guides.

In 2004, Bloomsbury launched the Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook that includes articles and advice specifically focused on the children's book market. It contains articles from a diverse array of successful children's authors across different genres, media and age ranges, as well as contact details tailored to the children's publishing industry.


The modern-day Yearbook

A new and updated version of both the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook and Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook are published in the UK every July. They now contain over 100 advice articles, covering every aspect of the publishing world and the paths creatives can follow in order to gain entry to it. These advice articles are punctuated by a combined list of over 5,000 industry contacts, including agents, publishers, media companies and societies.

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