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Trying to write in every form possible is an excellent way to develop and nurture your craft, but you will need to understand the conventions of each of them first. These sections address the unique challenges presented by genre writing.

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New Member
by Julie Jones
1st November 2021

Hi, Julie Jones here, a new member on this site.

I am currently writing my first non-fiction book and have recently acquired a non-fiction...

Self publishing
by Sarah Jackson
21st December 2020

Hello, I hope you are all staying safe and well. My name is Sarah and I would like to ask has anyone had experience of the Publish Hub and can you...

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The Reston Wood Trilogy
by Shaun Wilson
11th June 2023

in the serene village of Reston, Bordering the ominous Reston Wood, A sinister legend took root many moons ago. For generations, the tale of the...

4th February 2021

The pulse left inside her story flashed to her mind

The words left unsaid grieved in the blind!

She flipped through the pages of...