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We recommend these services for writers in the embryonic stages of a project. If you have the seed of a story idea but feel some guidance might help it develop, our How Strong Is Your Book Idea? service is there to offer things to consider both editorially and in terms of the wider publishing marketplace.

Meanwhile, our Opening Chapters service offers an editorial report on the crucial opening pages of your manuscript. Does your writing grab the attention from the outset? Are there aspects of your plot that need to be sharper?

How Strong Is Your Book Idea?
'How Strong Is Your Book Idea?' is a unique editing service for writers immersed in the opening stages of the creative process and looking for informed, objective opinion on the concept of their book.
Opening Chapters
Receive detailed feedback on those all-important opening pages of your book. The Opening Chapters service includes a bespoke report on your narrative style, use of dialogue and structure, plus a 30-minute follow-up call.