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26th September 2023
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26th September 2023
Write On! magazine, issue 18

In keeping with Pen to Print’s vision that everybody should have the chance to tell their story and inspire potential in others, we welcome new writing and ideas from London, the UK and internationally.

From October to the end of December 2023 our new season theme is ‘Reality And Perspectives’, and this will inform the content for Write On! magazine, the digital Write On! Extra (accessible through and our podcast Write On! Audio.

In our ‘Reality And Perspectives’ edition we’ll be exploring truth, falsehood, creativity and even AI in an attempt to interpret our world(s). Issues such as imposter syndrome will also be interesting to explore. I do hope it inspires you to put pen to paper.

Here’s a quick overview of the opportunities available to writers via Write On! and Pen to Print. As a contributor you can:

  • Submit (prose, poetry, essays, opinion), video or spoken extracts/ snapshots, illustrations and artwork.
  • And if you have a features idea, you may be interested in recording it for Write On! Audio. Get in touch to discuss, if this appeals!

Depending on content and theme, your work will be featured in one of the following ways:

  • Monday Moments – Stories and experiences drawn from myriad perspectives. Fresh and engaging; a real ‘magazine’ feel.
  • Thoughtful Tuesdays – Mindfulness, inspiration, poetry, quotes and ideas shared to create leadership and hope, to see us through the week.
  • Write On! Showcase – This creative writing showcase includes poetry, short stories, flash fiction and book extracts. Although most will reflect the seasonal theme, some work, such as memoirs or book extracts, offer a non-themed perspectives also.
  • Thursday Connectors – Everyone and everywhere has different experiences and different ways of dealing with these strange times. This internationally-flavoured page is all about people and their experiences, connecting us with ideas and ideals, reaching out from east London to encompass the UK and the world at large.
  • Write On! Features – Essays, opinions and features. In Write On! Extra, we focus on topics relevant to publishing and writing arenas, but also include wider content to encompass thinking and ideas relevant to our times.
  • Saturday Spotlight – Spotlight offers a round-up of indie, traditional and small press releases, bringing readers an overview of what can be found on digital and physical shelves.
  • Write On! Interviews – This Sunday profile opportunity features writers, publishers, editors, agents and other creatives, along with individuals from diverse communities in a number of different occupations.
  • Write On! Audio – Out every Tuesday, our podcast ‘For Writers Everywhere’ connects emerging and established writers to each other and the industry. There is an opportunity to submit to our Listener Contribution Slot, as well as record your creative work and any tips and feature ideas you might have. See our pilot episode for tips on ‘how to’.

NB: Your contributions will be unpaid, however, with a regular daily readership in the hundreds, you will get exposure and the opportunity to be professionally edited and supported. Our aim remains the same: bringing people together to share their experience, strength and hope, as well as having a bit of a laugh!
Notes on how to submit:

  • Creative prose submissions should be between 800 and 1000 words and, if possible, fit the seasonal theme.
  • Poetry can be as short as necessary, but no longer than 1000 words.
  • Features can be longer, up to 2000 words, but preferably between 1000-1500. It’s best to send your feature/essay ideas through initially, so we can finalise the topic together.
  • Any contributions should include an image of the writer and any copyright-free images you would like us to use to illustrate your work.
  • Submission deadlines are based on the overraching theme of each season. For example, it is worth sending in work aimed at the new theme a month before it starts 

Read our submission guidelines in full here, and if you’d like to out more, do get in touch!

Madeleine F White is Editor of Write On! magazine, and author of Mother of FloodsYou can connect with her on Instagram and Twitter @madeleinefwhite

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