Finding an Illustrator's Style

9th December 2022
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27th June 2023
children`s books illustrator

Illustrators often wonder how to find their own style. This question cannot be answered unequivocally.

An illustrator's style is formed over time. The way that they drew at the beginning of their journey and the way that they might draw in three to five years will be completely different. Why?

The world around us doesn't stand still. Illustrators read, watch, listen, meet different people, and visit different places. All of this influences an illustrator's style The colour of the girl's dress in the cafe, the texture of the trees in the park, the shape of someone's grandfather's nose. Illustrators use these observations in their illustrations. But finding style is more than just observing the world around you. Analyse the work of others, try new techniques and new materials. 

The search for style isn't the most important thing. Just remember to enjoy the process.

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