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2nd August 2021
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16th August 2021

Interested in purchasing a W&A Listings subscription? Take a look at our handy guide to find out more.

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Our W&A Listings subscriptions were designed to give you access to the ultimate publishing database at the click of a button. With thousands of contacts for the book publishing industry, as well as additional online-only entries, your subscription, updated annually, includes:

  • 362 literary agencies

  • 1,345 book and audio publishers

  • 792 magazines and newspapers

  • 300 awards, prizes and festivals

  • 356 societies and associations

  • 130 self-publishing providers

  • 85 creative writing courses

And of course, we had to include some online exclusives in our Listings subscription. Only available online, you can access: picture agencies and libraries, literary agents from European and non-English speaking countries and much, much more.

We've put together a useful guide to show you exactly how you can use your W&A Listings subscription on your path to publication. 


Literary agencies

Submitting to literary agents requires organisation and patience in equal measure. While we can't help with the latter, our 'Literary agencies' search category can definitely help you be better organised. With over 360 literary agencies, you can browse or narrow your search by including your writing genre in the 'Search' box, by using our filter options, or simply by entering the name of an agency you want to know more about.

Search by Genre

As shown below, if you search for 'Picture Books', you will be presented with a list of agencies whose agents represent picture book authors and/or illustrators.



Wherever you are in the world, filter by UK and Ireland or Overseas agencies to find an agent match closer to home.







Filter Options

We have a wide range of filter options in our 'Publishers' category. You can filter by *deep breath*: Audio publishers, Book packagers, Book publishers overseas, Book publishers UK and Ireland, Book clubs and Bookshops! Simply select your filter and click 'Apply' to display your results.



Search by Genre

We understand how important it is for writers to be able to search for publishers according to the genre they write in. As with our Literary agencies, you can type your preferred genre in to the 'Search' box, as shown below, and target your submissions.



You can personalise your Listings subscription to get the most out of our database in a variety of ways.

  • Annotate entries using the 'My notes' feature. Did you note down the date you submitted to that agent or entered that competition? What was the name of the person you met from that publisher? You can access all your notes by going to the 'My notes & bookmarks' tab within your W&A Dashboard.


  • Bookmark  your favourite entries. Whether you're making a list of literary agents to target or researching publishers to send job applications to, our 'Bookmark' feature makes it easy to return to pages by saving them all within the 'My Profile' area of your W&A Dashboard.



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If there's anything else you'd like to know, drop a message in the comments section and we'll come back to you as soon as we can!

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