#NaNoWriMo Tip 9: Morning Pages

29th November 2023
2 min read
Morning Pages

Alan Anderson, creator of Writing Coach In A Box, shares his daily NaNoWriMo tips with us.

Are you blocked? Have you come to a particularly difficult spot in your MS? Do you have the time to write, but no energy to get words down? Try Morning Pages. Devised by the screenwriter and creative guru Julia Cameron, this proven method of getting the juices flowing is surprisingly simple. Every morning, simply write three pages of whatever's on your mind. The weather, your emotional state, the creative problem you're mulling over… just get it all down. Then shut the notebook and turn to your work. You'll  find that your writing muscles have warmed up nicely.

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This ingenious toolkit answers all these questions and hundreds more. Drawing on years of successful writing and publishing, and careful study of scores of how-to-write manuals and style guides, the Writing Coach will challenge, advise, encourage and inspire. And because the cards address universal problems of story and style, they won't just help novelists, but anyone who writes. So whether you want to create better books, blogposts, press releases, memoirs, news stories or screenplays, you'll get the coaching you need.

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