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25th April 2022
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30th May 2022
Writers & Artists

An opportunity to join the W&A team!


Freelance Events Manager for Writers & Artists & Bloomsbury Institute (six to eight days per month)

At Bloomsbury our purpose is to inform, educate, entertain and inspire readers of all ages. We champion a life-long love of reading and learning to help build a reading culture with all the benefits that brings society. As part of that purpose, we support writers and artists on their journey to being published and support those who want to have a career in the publishing industry. This extends to those who simply love the book industry, and who want to understand and discover brilliant authors, exciting new books and publishing trends. We want to help those who are starting their journey and want to do more to enable the inclusion of people from all backgrounds and identities. Ultimately, we are creating a community where Bloomsbury’s experience and expertise can help those who need it.

Traditionally, the Writers & Artists events and Bloomsbury Institute events have operated separately, albeit with common themes and shared goals. We now seek to bring these event programmes together and align them to create better impact and grow our community.  

The focus of this role is to create, manage and lead events and writing courses that are appropriate for the W&A audience, as well as encouraging those who aspire to a career in the publishing industry, via the Bloomsbury Institute events. Underpinning this, and providing the cross-over between both programmes, are the amazing author events hosted by the company.

This role will involve inheriting already-established event/course formats for the Writers & Artists programme, plus the opportunity to create and build on the Bloomsbury Institute events. The role requires exemplary organisational skills, an excellent knowledge of market trends within publishing, good understanding of the publishing process, and an appreciation of a wide range of contemporary fiction, non-fiction and children’s titles. 

You will work with both the Communications team and the W&A Product Manager and the wider W&A team to make sure this key revenue-generating area continues to succeed, remains accessible to our diverse audience, and upholds standards synonymous with the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook and Bloomsbury Publishing. 

This role is an ideal opportunity for a confident, friendly and professional individual to work in a hands-on role, across two small teams that are responsible for encouraging new talent into the industry. A detailed scope is available on request. For further information, please contact james.rennoldson@bloomsbury.com using the subject line: EVENTS APPLICATION.

Applicants are encouraged to send over an indication of their hourly/day rate alongside a covering letter and CV. They should also be within reach of our London offices for on-site days, and also note that – while we will continue to offer online events and courses – we are committed to the hosting of in-person events, both in London and also across other parts of the UK to maintain W&A partnerships with external organisations

Application deadline: 27/05/22

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