What is Romantasy? Three Tips on What to Include

26th March 2024
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26th March 2024

Freelance editor - and W&A course leader - Tara Loder looks at Romantasy and offers tips on what to include if you're looking to write in this genre. 

Tara Loder

Romantasy is the hottest new trend that publishers are seeking out (seriously there are new imprints being launched for this genre). But what exactly is romantasy, or rather romance fantasy, beyond being a mix of the two genres? Here’s three things that define the genre:

  1. The world building. You’re going to need to build a whole world with magical hierarchy, powers, shifters, demons, vampires and/or humans. You might need to have a ruling class (perhaps to fight against), an underdog (a heroine whose magic is outlawed?), and/or a grand conspiracy (the government has lied to you…). The point is that your romantasy is going to need a complex hierarchy that lends itself to a conflict on an epic scale that can last across a number of books. These books are fun, escapist reads, but they also often tackle big issues.
  2. The romance. Obviously a romance fantasy (romantasy) needs to have a romance, but the love story has to share equal weighting with the mission (the fantasy). Can they save the world, will-they-won’t-they and can they overcome everything to be together all has to sit at the heart of the story. And the romance . . . it has to be hot!!!!
  3. The heroine. Yes, the hero is important, but he’s only half of the equation. And what that means is that the heroine has to be strong. She might not be physically strong, or she might put superman to shame, but she has to have internal strength and the intelligence to drive the narrative alongside her love interest(s).

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Tara Loder is a freelance editor that has worked across big five publishers such as Little, Brown and Headline, as well as the UK’s fastest growing publisher and digital first publishers. All that experience means she knows what it takes to create a bestselling novel. She’s worked on Sunday Times bestsellers, as well as chart topping digital bestsellers, and is experienced in taking a novel from an idea to a published masterpiece. She loves working with authors, those already published and those just starting out on their publishing journey.

Tara has edited crime novels such as The Locksmith, as well as romantic escapism such as A Year at the French Farmhouse and paranormal romance such as Burn. She's currently pursuing her passion of working on romantasy novels. There is hardly an area of fiction she hasn’t published into, and she recently turned her hand to writing romantic fiction and has written two books. She knows what agents, editors and readers are looking for, and is keen to help ensure your manuscript grabs their attention.

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