What You Can Do To Help Promote Your Book Online

4th October 2023
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4th October 2023

Developing an online presence for your book is a free and effective way of expanding your audience and contributing toward the success of your book. Here are ways in which you can promote your book online.

What You Can Do To Help Promote Your Book Online


A widget is an online preview which typically displays a book jacket, prelims, table of contents and up to 10% of the book, along with bibliographic data and purchase
options for viewers. Ask your marketer for a widget for your book: you’ll get a URL that you can share with friends and colleagues, and on social media, as well as embed code in case you’d like to add the widget to your website or blog.

Websites and Social Media

  • Add a link to your book’s page on Bloomsbury.com to your email signature. Books appear on our website 9 months before publication
  • If you have an Academia.edu account, you can add a widget, a link to your book’s product page on Bloomsbury.com, or post a flyer
  • If you are active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, your subject area's community message boards, listservs, forums, or any other sort of social networking site, promote your publication there, linking to your widget. If you tweet about your book, remember to tag Bloomsbury Academic. A list of their Twitter accounts can be found here
  • If you are featured on Wikipedia, update your entry to include a link to your book’s page. Many author biographies include a bibliography with a link to the publisher
  • List your publications, with links, on your company or faculty website
  • Consider blogs you already contribute to or that you are aware of that are appropriate to the themes of your book and approach them for opportunities, such as guest posts
  • Speak to your marketer about any other opportunities for Bloomsbury’s own social media accounts


  • Improve the Amazon pages of your book by using the Author Central service, a free service provided by Amazon to allow authors to reach more readers, promote books, and help build a better Amazon bookstore. Add your biography, photos, blog, video, and tour events to the Author Page, your homepage on Amazon.com. To log in to Author Central, click here for Amazon.com and here for Amazon.co.uk
  • Once published, you can encourage your friends and others to review your book and comment on it 


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