Greg Designs the Cover of a Book

20th June 2023
3 min read
20th June 2023

Greg Heinimann, Deputy Creative Designer at Bloomsbury, takes us through the process of designing a cover. Read on to discover more and watch the full video for maximum inspiration and advice.

Greg Heinimann

Getting briefed

'I get do to whatever I choose that the cover demands. I'll get a new project from my editor and I'll listen to them talk about the book. I'll then receive a written brief, which tells me all kind of information: who the characters are, what the time period is. I'll go away from that and try to do 20/30 designs. They might be illustration, photography, or topographic.'


I never realised you could make a living as an artist within publishing. I did GSCESs and A Levels in art and did a degree. I took a job as a bookseller and one day I had an eureka moment where I saw a table full of big beautiful books, looked at them and thought 'Oh my god. Someone does this for a living! That could be me.''


'I love reading, designing and illustrating and creating my interpretation of an author's words. It's something I find really exciting.'

Writing stage