Comic strip date query

by Andrew Newall
6th January 2022

Hello all

First time I have posted in the community since the website was updated. Good to be back.

My query has to do with comic strips: I drew a strip back in the mid-nineties. It is a strip I tried to get into newspapers. I only had one published. There weren't that many but I want to redraw them as they are all getting a bit faded now. My question is what year would I put on the redraws if they are exactly the same? Would I put the original year (1994) or would I have to put the current year?


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Hello Jonathan and thanks for your reply. I got in touch with the website I'm planning on submitting to and they've pretty much said the same thing. The one that was published should have the original date but the others is up to me. I can use the original date or the current date.

No doubt this advice will vary depending on circumstances but it applies in my own situation.

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Andrew Newall

The date's like a copyright notice, isn't it? If they're straight copies I'd use the original date, but if you change them at all the newer date makes more sense. Frankly unless they've been placed in a situation where they could be copied (published anywhere at all or posted online) then the date is probably not that important.

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