How and where can i get a job with my illustration degree

by jacqui barnes
4th March 2021

I am currently completing my last year in my illustration degree and am looking for advice and contacts to advice how to get a job in the illustration industry, I am interested in food illustration and nature, plant life and animals.

I would be grateful of any advice or inspiration that anyone could give me.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my message.

Jacqui Barnes


My days as a freelance illustrator, typographer and finished artist were over long ago but the route in to freelancing or a studio job was to compile a decent portfolio, compile a list of studios and agencies, write or 'phone the creative director or studio manager of all of them, and if successful in obtaining an interview, lug one's portfolio all over town, making sure to arrive on time and in a fit state to be seen.

A tip for you: Advice is a noun and I suspect that you meant to use the verb advise. It's a trivial point, and I deplore spelling and grammar nazism, however, attention to detail in such things can, or could in my day, mean the difference between success and failure.

Good luck in your career.

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