Illustrator looking for writer to collaborate with

by Shannon Cummins
18th October 2021

Hello! I’m a 3rd year illustration student looking for a writer to collaborate with for my upcoming project. I’d like to collaborate with someone who has interest in mental health issues or have already written about mental health and is seeking an illustrator! My style is varied but mostly digital. If this interests you I can send my portfolio :) 


Hi, Shannon. I just finished writing a middle grade adventure novel about a teenage pirate with P.T.S.D., and I am looking for an illustrator/collaborator. I would love to send you the manuscript and see if this is something you could get behind.

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Jon Cohen

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Charly Wiliamse

I've got several stories (most of them for children) which could do with an illustrator! Do they have to do with mental health? (If so, we could bat ideas back and forth, and I could write something suitable.)

I'm bipolar, if that's any recommendation.

Your post reads as if this might be a project for your illustration course. What sort of deadline are you working to?

I'll send you a "connection request"...

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Jimmy Hollis i Dickson