Illustrator who designs book covers that engage!

by Rico Griffiths-Taitte
14th October 2021

Hello, my name is Rico, and I am a Character designer and book cover illustrator available to collaborate with you on your next project by adding my weird and wonderful character work. I design covers that engage, enlighten and entertain and I want to work with you if you want your work to stand out and be read as well visually, as the rest of your book.

Please see this link and if you like the style, then let’s have a virtual coffee and a chat about your next adventure.


Designing book covers can be a challenging and unique job. Book covers are important because the reader looks at the outside first. If the cover is attractive, then people show interest in buying. Also, there are very few designers available for book designing. I was also looking for a professional designer, so I searched for a , and I found it very informative.

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Jacklin Albert

Hello Rico. Nice to meet you. My name is John and I also work as a designer but basically developing a design for presentations in PowerPoint with the help of I looked at your work and think that you have huge talent and you have a great style. I have a lot of friends and colleagues in the publishing business and maybe I can help you. Tell me please what else do you have skills in this area, maybe web design?

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