Need advice on how to become a registered literary agent for translated foreign books.

by Emily Nesheva
2nd June 2021

Hello everyone,

I am not a writer myself but I work as a translator and recently one of my foreign clients asked me if I could become a literary agent in the UK for her fiction book series (that I have translated to English). She cannot find an agent in the UK herself since she does not speak English.

I said I will do my research and will reply.

However, finding information about this is incredibly difficult. There is very little information out there about submitting translated books to UK publishing houses.

Furthermore, all of the publishing houses I have researched want manuscripts submitted through a literary agent. However, I am the alleged literary agent for my client, and I cannot find any information about how to register myself as a legitimate agent. 

I am even wondering if I should simply contact another literary agent myself, and let them do the work. However, that would mean I would still be the go-between between my client and the agent. 

I would appreciate if anyone could give me some advice on how to best approach this.


I think it's not very difficult to do if you are a really good and experienced translator. By the way, how can I quickly learn a foreign language, and do you use some kind of software in your work? I heard that this translation service is very high quality. Have you heard about it? And in general, how do you feel about such online sites. I think they are essential in learning a foreign language.

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