No simultaneous submissions

by Biljana Malesevic
16th July 2021

This rule "No simultaneous submissions" bothers me a lot. It's present in most, if not all submission guidelines. I understand that publisher doesn't want other publishers to have the exact same novel, that is perfectly understanding and valid point. Problem is, at least in my experience, most publishers will not answer to your submission, ever. Not even a short formal letter of rejection which I would really appreciate. There is usually no time limit for answer, and writers are supposed to wait months, if not a year, before they submit their novel to another publisher. Usually, even then you don't get your answer. That is unfair to authors. 

Plea to all publishers: if you want to include "No simultaneous submissions" please, at least set the time limit "if you don't hear from us in x weeks/months, consider your work rejected". Or, create rejection template mail and just add our mail to it and send. Because, this way, honestly, as unknown writer who is not a celebrity, I feel like I am at the bottom of a pool. Like, I don't matter, my work doesn't matter, my time and effort doesn't matter. And I am forbidden to try with someone else. 


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Hi Biljana,

If you're submitting your work to literary agents, then all agents expect and understand that you'll be sending your submission out to other agents as well.

If there is a publisher who asks for an exclusive submission, then we would recommend avoiding them, or sending your work out to other publishers/agents at the same time. This is absolutely standard industry practice and you definitely shouldn't be made to feel as though you are doing something wrong by submitting your work to multiple places.

We have a load of information on the submission process on this site, under 'The Publishing Process' heading, so feel free to check them out.


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Thanks, Clare! I am searching for no-agent independent publishers and so far, a lot of them have so many rules which is discouraging. But this rule "No simultaneous submissions" is by far the worst. I don't expect money or fame, I just want to have my book. In my experience, most publishers don't send any feedback but expect authors not to send to anyone else. I think I will have to avoid publishers with this rule.
Thanks for advice!

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