sending a manuscript

by Lori cook
25th August 2021

Hi all, 

 I have a few questions before I send any of my work to a literary agent. 

Should all literary agents be part of the AAA?

Is there any advice about sending a picture book manuscript? I've read on separate LA pages that I will be required to send the whole book. Do I include notes about the characters/ settings etc or just the text in the story? 

There's so many agents out there, so it's hard to know where to start. Any advice about sending a letter and manuscript will really be appreciated. Thank you so much, Lori 

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I recommend you purchase a copy of the Writers' And Artist' Yearbook 2022.
Not only does it allow you to view many agents numbers and emails, but it's also a very handy guide that would answer many of your questions, an essential investment for any new writer, with many guides on not only how but when to start querying agents.

Good Luck

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Does the yearbook have all this information in it?

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