Should I Start a Website Based Design Services for My Clients?

by Sarah Emi
17th July 2021

I'm a professional web designer and a writer as well. I started my first project as a freelancer this year and in the back of 2019, I was also working for the professional logo design company in Sharjah. Now I'm thinking that to start my own website to provide professional services to my clients on the freelance platform. So it is a good decision to create a new site or should I stick with freelance work?


There's no reason why you shouldn't.
I have a second job and the only problem I find is having nowhere near enough time to do everything I want to in a day. Work has to take precedence - someone will be paying you for it, after all - so writing (and other stuff) has to take a back seat. If you think you can cope with the demands then by all means go ahead. I'm sure there's a market for web designers serving writers. I did my site myself - it was a pain to set up, never having any prior experience, and is in dire need of an update - and reading posts on social media I'm sure a lot of writers don't have any idea where to begin.

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