Strange Beings Seek Writer

by Ryan Harris
19th April 2022

I am a self-confessed techno-phobe and luddite seeking a writer to give life to my creations "The Spacekins."

The characters are tiny astronauts who live in the Asteroid Belt, they and their environs are made almost entirely from found, salvaged and recycled materials.

I have had interest from several hybrid and self-publishers, but I am not a writer - and I'm afraid my attempts at story telling don't do the artwork justice.

I am keen to inspire a writer of similar humour and imagination to help give these little beings a place in the universe.

I have attached links to The Spacekins (public) Facebook page and their Instagram page, the FB page contains my writings on the narrative and feel of the characters and world that I have created - I feel I have a strong ability to invent unique personalities, situations and amusing scenarios.  The whole just needs that special touch to bind all the ideas together.  Any input and advice gladly welcomed, please enjoy viewing:

I'm on Instagram as @spacekins_art:



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