Womens well-being publisher?

by Sylvia Tracey
29th March 2022

I’ve written a easy to read mini book on a specific health issue for young women.  It was previously published but the publisher no longer is in the industry. 

I have updated it and would like to republish it. Can anyone suggest a publisher I can approach please. 


Hi Sylvia,
Congratulations on your writing!

Green Tree, Bloomsbury - While not a women's only well-being publisher, they are a health and wellbeing imprint that publish a range of voices. They accept unsolicited manuscripts and you can find out how to submit to them here: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/connect/contact-us/writing-for-bloomsbury/

I've included some links to some further resources, which might be of use to you, but the Yearbooks also contain listings of different publishers. Our online listings will also enable you to be able to search via genre very soon. I'll message you on here once it's launched!

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