Writer Friends

by David Castanho
11th April 2021

Hi all, 

I hope you are all doing well, I posted a similar post to this some time ago but unfortunately life happened and I couldn't take action on it :/ but I'm determined to make it work now!

I live in Cardiff, Wales and was wondering if there were any writers here that maybe wanted to form a group and support and encourage each other's projects and journeys? 

I'm sad to say that I have 0 writer friends and this path I've been trying to walk is rather a lonely one. I've tried talking to my non-writer friends about writing but they just don't get it which leaves me feeling demotivated at times. 

I would attempt going to a writing group that's already been set up but I'm not good with large groups and tend to shy away which isn't great. That's why I'm here asking if anyone would be interested in forming a small one with 3-4 people. 

I'm keen to see what comes back from this post and hope that I'm not too late to make writer friends. 

All the best, 



Hello. I'm new here, and find myself in similar circumstances. I'd be happy to join a small, supportive group.


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I'm still around, although I'm thinking of starting masters in September, so I will have less time after that. Also, when Writing in the Park starts back up, I highly recommend it. That's how I met other writers in Cardiff.

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