Writing about mental health

by Richard Christy
4th October 2014

Is it a good thing is there myths about it writing about mental health


Aria thank you for your in put. It is true life that Iam writing about thank you for your input

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Richard Christy


To give you a short answer, writing about basically anything can be "good" or "bad" (or rather neither of those), and it depends a lot on your approach to the subject. I'm not sure what you mean by myths, but when it comes to how people will react to a work with such topic, that same approach makes a big difference (mainly, here I mean how you treat the subject and what kind of role it plays).

You didn't specify whether you're asking about it for a fiction or non-fiction work, but in any case the same applies - don't forget to research and know about what you're writing about. If you're writing about something you're acquainted with firsthandedly, you probably have most of that covered.

A very important thing to keep in mind, especially if you're writing fiction and have a character with mental health issues, is to not treat it as a personality trait or an interesting quirk - which, again, can be avoided by making sure you've researched the subject throughly enough, even if you don't end up using all the things you found in your work.

So to clear my point, sure, it can be a good thing, regardless of what kind of work it is. You're free to write about whatever you wish, and my best advice is to make sure you're familiar enough with your own subject to be able to do it justice writing about it.

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