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by Mark J Braybrook
30th July 2021

Hi All

I recently watched a documentary about Dennis Wheatley and was quite surprised to hear that he wrote all of his manuscripts by hand using a pencil.

Being left-handed and finding the physical act of writing by hand quite taxing, I choose to do all my writing on my laptop using Scrivener and wondered how my fellow writers on this site create their work.

There are so many apps and packages out there, I just wondered if there was a consensus on the most popular writing packages and also wondered if anyone writes by hand and whether they have ever submitted work in this way.

Many thanks



I would not recommend you drop out of college if you are working because you can get some help from your friends or even online. I was lucky two months ago to find two specialists. Many students have recently started using online services for homework, such as https://www.trustmypaper.com/ and there's nothing wrong with that. What do you think?

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Hi Jonathan, I have to admit that Scrivener is not as intuitive as I'd like it to be. I guess it's like taping songs on a cassette recorder and then finding yourself in a multi-track recording studio! I should put more time and effort into watching some of the tutorials on YouTube.
You're right about the editing. I can't imagine doing it on a typewriter - at least word processors and laptops have made that side of it easier.

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MS Word, and have done since I re-started in 2005. I tried Open Office for a while but went back to Word because I've always had a copy, even if it's an old one (my current MS Office version is 2007).
I wrote my first story in the 70s, half with pen and paper but finished once I bought myself a typewriter. Both of them were a pain when editing, and though I completed that story it stayed in a file until it was eventually thrown out in a house move 40 years later. It wasn't good enough, frankly.
I use a free version of Grammarly to help spot any typos or extra commas I miss, which is good provided you recognise the computer's not always right. I had a Scrivener trial but didn't think I had the time to learn it , so carried on with what I know. I tend to outline a story, so maybe it's not that essential for me. Interesting to learn you find it useful.

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