Writing Space

by Mark J Braybrook
9th January 2021

Hi All 

I was wondering what sort of writing space my fellow writers have when they are creating their masterpieces.  

I spent quite a few years working at a tiny desk in a corner of a very small kitchen but since getting my own apartment a couple of years ago I've set my spare bedroom up as a study. I took a photo a few days ago of the desk area where I write and just wondered if we all have pretty much the same set-up or if there are some radical alternatives out there i.e. floating trays for use in the bath or even anything weirder and more wonderful!

Also, does anyone listen to music to help the creative process? If so, what works best for you?My desk in my study.

Let me know.



Hi Mark, I'm fortunate enough to have a study but I am currently remote working so that is a no-go area for me to be creative in atm. Currently, I'm doing most of my writing in the greenhouse or by my bed at 2am.

Listening to random podcasts really helps me. I don't like silence but music is too distracting. Background nattering is helpful.

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Sarah Stanton

Hi Sarah, writing in the greenhouse - that sounds fascinating! I agree about the silence being almost deafening sometimes. My current listening is internet radio; a Persian radio station of all things! The music is so relaxing and listening to lyrics in another language is not as distracting as those sung in English. All the best for your writing, Mark.

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Mark J
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Mark J Braybrook

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