How it works

1. How can I choose an editor? Select the genre most relevant to your work from the dropdown list provided. If there are editors that specialise in this genre then they will be made available for selection. If no exact match can be found then you will see a general list of editors working in either fiction or non-fiction. To see an editor's profile, click on their image.

2. What documents do I need to upload after payment? Please upload your manuscript (in accordance with the 60,000-79,999 words, 80,000-99,999 words or 100,000-120,000 words option selected at the point of payment) and also a synopsis. If you would like to submit more than 120,000 words there is a charge of £17 per additional 1,000 words. Please contact W&A Admin to discuss extra payments or an instalment plan. If you are submitting fiction, your synopsis should be one page of A4. In its simplest form a synopsis is no more than a technical document to guide an editor/agent through your book. You can find more information by clicking on the link(s) in the 'What you need to submit' area.

3. What if I'm writing non-fiction? If you're submitting a book of narrative non-fiction (such as memoir, biography or autobiography) then you still need to choose between submitting 60,000-79,999 words, 80-000-99,999 words or 100,000-120,000 words, and also a one-page synopsis. If you are writing non-narrative non-fiction, however, please replace a synopsis with a chapter outline no more than 5 pages in length. You can find more information by clicking on the link(s) in the ‘What you need to submit’ area.

4. I've uploaded my documents. When will I receive my report? Your report should be with you within up to 15 working days of the editor receiving your work (taking into account UK holiday periods and literary festivals), though if your word count is in excess of 80,000 words then your service turnaround time will be extended to 20 working days.

5. What if my report isn't returned on time? This is unlikely to happen, but if it does you should message your editor via the 'Services in Progress' section of your W&A dashboard. If you are still having problems making contact with the editor, then please contact W&A Admin. Please note that the estimated delivery date of your report is based on when you have uploaded all necessary documents and an editor has accepted your service.

6. How will my follow-up call take place? When you purchase the service, you will be asked to provide a phone number and/or Skype ID. The editor will use these details to contact you. When the editor has submitted their report, you will be asked to select a date and time from the editor's availability calendar. It's the responsibility of the editor to contact you at the time you have selected.

7. When will the editor call me? When the editor submits their report on your manuscript, you will be asked to arrange a date and time for your 30-minute call, using the editor's availability calendar. This call must take place within two weeks of your report being uploaded. Once the time slot for the call has been confirmed, please make sure you are available at the agreed time.

8. What if I need to change the time of my call? Please contact the editor via the 'Services in Progress' section of your W&A dashboard to rearrange your call. If you have problems rearranging your call, please contact W&A Admin.

9. What if my editor doesn't call during the time slot we agreed? This is very unlikely to happen, but if it does then first message the editor via the 'Services in Progress' section of your dashboard. If you are still having problems making contact, then please contact W&A Admin so they are able to investigate further.

10. What if my service isn't picked up? This is also very unlikely to happen. If it does, W&A Admin will contact you with an alternative solution and suggestions for how to proceed.