The Interview

by Karen Hedges
23rd November 2021

 Brushing back her long black hair with an exquisitely manicured hand, she was aware that it was now long enough to curl attractively around her shoulders. She sighed; it had been worth the wait though and, now that highlights had been added, the effect was immensely pleasing. Sublimely feminine. Glancing at her watch, she saw there were still a few minutes before the taxi arrived. Checking her reflection in the mirror one final time, she put on an emerald pendant to complete the picture. The pendant was dainty yet striking to behold. Her new green eye shadow was just right and set off her soft brown eyes to good effect. Silky stockings covered her smooth legs with the folds of a pretty summer skirt gently caressing them. Aware that time was marching on, she moved downstairs to slip on some strappy sandals and collect her bag, a small business-like one made of expensive leather. She was ready for the taxi. It was extravagant perhaps but better than arriving all hot and bothered for such an important interview. As soon as she had seen the advertisement for a hotel administrator, she knew that it was the job for her. It offered her the opportunity to meet members of the public when showing them around the hotel as they looked at suitable venues for business functions or weddings. Weddings…those would use all her creative skills in delivering the perfect package to clients. “Good Morning,” the hotel receptionist looked up as she entered the quiet yet busy foyer. Handel’s Water Music played in the background creating a relaxing atmosphere. “How may I help you?” “I am here for an interview at 11 o’clock with Mr Burnett,” she replied confidently. “Oh yes, sign in here please. His secretary will collect you in a moment to take you through to the interview room.” She sat in one of the elegant armchairs and took in the surroundings. Well-heeled clients were passing through the area, all looking relaxed and happy. It had been a while since she had looked around this hotel. The circumstances then had been rather different. The last time had been for a computer repair job and she had not worn such soft, feminine clothes. No one would recognise her now. Being self-employed was hard work yet had given her the opportunity to meet different people and different places. And she had very much liked this hotel and the people in it. She smiled inside at the thought of how she looked last time she was here. Karen Hedges 65 Isleworth Road Exeter EX4 1RG “Miss Williams?” a well-dressed middle-aged woman had appeared to take her through to the interview room. “It’s Ms actually, but I don’t mind Miss!” she laughed, carefully uncrossing her legs to stand up. “Sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr Burnett is trying hard to keep to time with the interviews.” “I expect you have had a lot of interest in this vacancy,” she commented, gathering her bag and easing the folds of her skirt. “Yes, there have been many candidates of high calibre; which is why he is taking more care over the interview process than usual. Your face is familiar – have you been here before? I’m good with faces.” “Um…yes, actually I have been here before although a while ago. You wouldn’t remember me from that occasion I’m sure.” “Why? What were you here for? Oh…” she exclaimed as a door opened and a man in a very well-cut suit appeared, “I am just about to bring the next candidate. Are you ready or shall she wait in the office for a moment?” “Won’t be a minute…please take her through to the interview room.” ***** She carefully replaced the receiver before giving a most unladylike punch in the air, accompanied by a whoop of joy. The job was hers! All the effort, the heartache, the seemingly never-ending journey had been worth it. She felt completely exonerated and whole. Her mother’s reaction was equally ecstatic when she picked up the phone to hear the news. “Oh love, well done,” she paused, “I am so proud of you.” “Proud?” “Yes, proud, after all you are my only so…child.” hastily correcting herself, “It must have been a difficult decision for you, but I have always taught you to be yourself.” “Thank you, Mum,” she said quietly. After all it was not easy for a mother to watch her much-loved son gradually change into a rather striking young woman; an independent young woman who had just been under heavy scrutiny in an interview situation. Across the miles her mother smiled, she had always known her son was different and now he was at ease with himself. Or rather herself.

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Thank you for sharing I really enjoyed that. The twist was perfect and you kept me engaged and guessing.

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