My voice is yours

by Christina Wilson-Pledge
22nd May 2022

Mine is the voice that contradicts,  

That tells lies in the moments when doubt starts to hit.  

Cover your ears, try to be alone,  

A fine example of futility,  

My voice is your own.    


Mine is the hold that leads you to shake,  

That even in slumber will force you awake.  

Shrug me off, try to keep me away,  

My hold is your own and it’s here to stay.    


Mine is the purpose to fill you with fear,  

To skew your emotions and drive you to tears.  

Try to be brave, go ahead wipe your eyes,  

My purpose is yours and within you it lies.    


Mine is the opinion that you aren’t good enough,  

Not when you’re kind and not when you’re tough.  

Bat me away, tell me I’m wrong,  

My opinion is yours and has been all along.    


I am anxiety and I am in you,  

Maybe one day you’ll think my opinions untrue.  

Keep trying to fight me, keep taking your pills,  

Pretend they’ll relieve you of all of your ills.    


I’ll always be here,  

For you are my home.  

Your voice is mine,  

And mine is your own.

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