The Stranger I fell for

by Abimbola Kudehinbu
19th July 2021



It was my first year.
I had met him while running an errand outside school.
We clicked off immediately.
He would come to my hostel, I will go to his.

We attend programmes at school, that I do not understand how we got invited.
Symposium, lectures, even parties.
He took me everywhere.

He was in year four studying Surveying while I was just in year one.

He had even followed me   home once or twice.
We were close.

Osagie came from Benin, he told me the full pronunciation of his me was Osagieragbon.
I never did ask him for the meaning, but I recall always teasing him about the name ;calling his full name instead of just calling him Osagie.

One strange thing was that Osagie would always ask how I got my admission.
I would look at him strangely and answer him" the same way you got yours na"

This question comes up every now and then.
And I give the same answer.
Sometimes he would ask if I knew anyone who does admission, I give the same shocked answer ' No'

One day exams was a week away, Osagie told me he was travelling to Benin and would be back before the commencement of the examination.

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