The White Wolf

by Ayza Fatima
20th January 2022

“Why do people see dreams?" lying on a bed and gazing at the stars on the roof like they were real, she estimated herself. Her eyes closed; she went to another world. It was a fantasy for her but fidelity for the soul to tolerate the indelible memories. Life, only four words, what is new here! A creature holding a mysterious way to give illusions with its sacred heart and scary with its honed teeth. There was always a desire to meet someone like that for Evelyn, especially for the young and hesitant mind. All kids find a way to create something that would make them happy. What if it is just a creature! Or that could be beast but not the beauty and the beast.

       The tranquility of the breeze could lead her hair on sideways; she remained asleep till a scratching sound. Just in a moment, she wanted to enjoy the bliss of life she missed long ago. Evelyn was always pessimistic about hard times in her life and used to weep over the words she had in her every heartbeat. The songs of delicate leaves were touching her soul deeper. The sound became louder, and now it was at the point that one should prepare to sprint from there.

      Go back! a liable melody of words flew over her head. She could not see as if it was a delusion. She became curious and asked, The White Wolf? Complete silence for a short interval, and then a ray of light came along with dawn to manifest a furry white appearance and dark blue ocean eyes. She could see certainly while moving a step or two, and it would be a terminal of her soul as the creature seemed to jump. She screamed and woke up. Then touched her as if there was a nightmare. It seemed like the same wolf she used to draw on a canvas panel. She called it "The White Wolf".

She looked into the mirror across the bed and zoned out for a minute but unfortunately, it was another dream. It was another sleep paralysis stance she was facing in a year.

         She was five when her mother left, and her father became a carer. The years passed with falls and running clocks got rusted, her mother came back, and then her father left. Life was playing a transition game to her. Evelyn had seen her parents confronting that became anarchy for her. Perhaps, having lost herself and between the dilemma of a journey, she found a fantasy that she did not know changed her life forever.

Never say never, life goes on

You know you are imperfectly perfect

A hairy white rounded facet creature became a part of her imaginary life.

“What are you doing here?” White wolf asked her in his low voracious voice to make anyone get the attention of that creature.

“I think I am lost!”

 He sighed “All is not lost"

“Aren’t you a friend of mine? Mr. White wolf”

“What if I hurt you?”

“I know you will not because…I trust you."

“Yes, trust is everything, Evelyn”

Evelyn asked anxiously" I think life is not beautiful"

"You see life as four words,

  I see a storm of desires,

  The aspirations to hold themselves,

   And the rhythms of trials."

"Life is so beautiful that I wish if it were a beautiful person"

Evelyn looked astonished.

She was still dreaming but stuck to find a way out like it was a maze. "We all go through these things in our lives where we find someone loving and someone hurting". Now, she was getting her great camaraderie around the white wolf. A well of water, green grass blazing the eyes with its novel incandescence, and those white bare forepaws with steady leaps were the part of a chimerical dilemma that became a rhythm of real life. She was used to it too much that it seemed natural.

       Another last but not the least meet-up was cathartic for a mind like Evelyn Stevenson. She was now comfortable being with the white wolf and did not even know it was the last adventure. The ruthless city of nowhere started to tear apart with a strong storm from the abandoned sky.

“You are seeing this, right?” the white wolf inquired again.

“Is this going to be alright?”

“Yes, I have been waiting for this"

“I did not get you”

“You know I am a wolf, and people know me like a beast”, he continued, “I still like to enjoy adventures that give me strength and joy but I cannot hurt anyone though right!”

“I am not afraid of storms anymore!" Anna breathed with joy.

“Now, this is life, and this is a dream, hold my paw and close your eyes. Feel the time you were hurt; feel the time you were happy. Now, give all your emotions to time as time has passed. Your present is in front of you, and I will always be there with you holding your hand in your real and imaginary life."

“I want to be strong just like you”

“You are imperfectly perfect; a human with a beautiful heart is what makes you different."

“You are right but destiny......."

“I cannot tell the destiny; I hope as hope never hurts"

“I hope to see another dream to meet the life"

“See you till next time, Evelyn”

    The unfurled light with the reminiscent of wind from Nowhere having companionship flew like it never happened. Now, everything was gone but those words, obviously words remained forever. She saw her life as an art that was grabbed within her heart by a delicate white creature. The white wolf turned out to be his real imaginary friend after years when she found a real friend inside her and that was another Evelyn living in another dreamland. She soon learned to live in this timid part of the world and found herself through the white wolf residing inside her.

























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A brave attempt at writing, seeing that English is not your first language. I can, more or less, work out what you are saying, but I think that if you want to write more in English, you will need a native English speaker to help you.

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