Why School Life Is Very Tough?

by MD. Bhuiyan
25th July 2021

I always complained about going to school,

Hundreds of lectures and thousands of books!

All scheduled for a morning every day

Listening to everything our teacher says!

Packing up books, notes, and all those stationery stuff

I end up with a question luff;

Why school life is very tough!


It’s already 6 am and the alarm goes on

Hurry up! Hurry up! It’s a marathon!

Bag, books, and uniform

Incomplete homework and many more!

Why a protocol at every step;

A wall of discipline which I always tried to jump

Why school life is very tough!


Using every second to learn fast

I’m not able to do the assignment task!

Poor performance and lower marks,

Now I’ve decided to stand apart!

Will of learning and unwilling test

You dispose of talent and disclosed grades!

My marks were never enough

Why school life is very tough!


Some school memories are great

The class starts at 8.30 am and I always reach by 7 am!

I can’t forget that period which is very boring,

And my loving teachers who’re very caring!

Losing friends is the only thing that makes me upset

What fun was it to be called backbenchers and sitting at the front desk!

Assembly, class, and recess

Discipline, syllabus, and school dress!

Gradually it became a part of our life so

How is school life tough though?

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